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All FIXTURE TECH fixtures are based on the modular component system called CARFIT

Our eMOBEE robotic platform is specifically lightweight thanks to its unique honeycomb core.These in-house developed parts function like a custom assembly kit to build-up checking fixtures, holding, and matching equipment. The classic fixture portfolio is complemented by augmented reality applications and automation solutions for logistics and transport. The option to recycle complete fixtures (retooling) and the use of advanced materials such as carbon deliver resource protection and thus help to plan sustainably and cost effectiveness.


The CARFIT system is a modular fixturing system to designed and manufactured for measuring fixtures, checking gauges, and matching equipment. CARFIT provides quality assurance and innovation within the automobile and aerospace industries.

Highly Versatile


The intelligent eMOBEE robot efficiently transports components from A to B while providing smart support for loading processes in any industrial setting. Discover more

Precise positioning
Easy Integration


The physical device for the process chain within Body-in-White (BIW) analysis. The Meisterbock represents the true body shop process set up to the nominal values. Tolerances, construction, and design issues can be discussed on the Meisterbock with parts, data and reports, as required.

Stable Frame
Excellent Accessibility

Grid Plates

FIXTURE TECH manufactures hole grid plates in a wide range of dimensions with various grid patterns. The sandwich plates in our patented honeycomb design stand out due to their exceptional light weight and stiffness.

Lightweight Plate Series
Honeycomb Design

Loading Systems

Loading systems from FIXTURE TECH help to improve throughput, reliability and ergonomics in any industrial loading process The systems feature a modular design - components can be individually selected to optimize machine loading​.

Time Saving
Approaching Zero Defect

DIY Kits

With CARFIT DIY components you are able to construct the most diverse fixtures in-house. The modular, compatible and flexible design allows many different set-ups and is therefore cost and resource saving.


Augmented Reality

by SUPAR (Trademark) – An inspection tool with augmented reality: Via Augmented Reality 3D data of the parts are reflected on the actual parts through the use of augmented reality. This allows quality control of the parts to be done instantly.

Providing Profound
Visual Evidence
Your Setups

Carbon Profiles

“We take care of the Human Factor”: Improving working conditions in industrial metrology with a focus on sturdiness, ergonomics, functionality, and weight by replacing heavy material parts with new lightweight carbon profiles.



A very precise system of references made in machined aluminum allows for analyzing serial parts, compared to a theoretical system of references.

Study & Manufacturing
Serial Parts in Aluminum


Valuing the long-term use of high-quality materials: CARFIT long-life aluminium components and components from other manufacturers are disassembled into their individual parts and used for the construction and assembly of new fixtures.

Minor Visual Defects
Time saving
Valuable Resources


FIXTURE TECH offers over 50 years of hands-on, vendor neutral expertise in the measuring and fixturing sectors. We are positioned perfectly to address your measuring and industrial challenges.

Mechanical Manufacturing
Metrology & Fixture Construction
Augmented Reality & AI for Validation

As a result of many years of partnership with the traditional German brand AUDI, new standards in the field of fixture technology have ultimately emerged thanks to groundbreaking innovations. These have since become part of the standard component manufacturing for car manufacturers worldwide. The latest development for the quality group is the resource-saving Multi Fixture, which offers real world solutions with its simplicity and clever flexibility.

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Rivian Electric Vehicles

The highly innovative automotive brand RIVIAN is using CARFIT fixtures together with the automated mobile system eMOBEE for optical inspection with modern optical scanning systems. The success and the improvement of quality assurance processes in the field of future-proof leading technologies impressively displays the impact of the chosen fixturing solutions on your overall results.

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